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About LogLink

LogLink has grown from a set of 50 bookmarks on a single web page in 1995, to catalogs and databases containing links and abstracts of over 100,000 internet websites in the transportation and logistics industries.

The website was originally sponsored and hosted by Strategic Image, Inc. on the commerce2000.com domain in 1995. In March 1996, it was accepted by the World-Wide Web Virtual Library and the Argus Clearinghouse as the Subject Guide to Logistics on the internet.

In December 1996, the trucking and transportation resources were accepted by the World-Wide Web Virtual Library and Argus Clearinghouse as the Subject Guide to Trucking on the internet.

Also in 1996, under the domain name loglink.com, it became the first online searchable database of world wide web sites dedicated strictly to transportation and logistics. Later that year, it expanded its descriptive detail in the database and broadened its focus. To reflect the change, it was renamed to the "Guide to Logistics Resources on the Internet."

In 1997, the loglink.com domain was acquired in a company merger and the site was off line for six months. In the Fall of 1997, work began to build the current web server and website under the name logisticsworld.com. LogisticsWorld came on line on January 26, 1998 and was named the "The Worldwide Directory of Transportation and Logistics" because of it's detailed directory listings and free user features available to the transportation and logistics industry throughout the globe.

On October 26, 1998, LogLink re-emerged under the domain name loglink.net with a new look and a focus on providing quality links to the transportation and logistics industry on the world wide web.

On November 1, 1999, after re-acquiring the domain name, LogLink.com came back online as a search engine and internet directory for the transportation and logistics industry.

LogLink celebrated 10 years on the internet in 2005 and continues to be a valuable resource for the logistics, transportation, and supply chain industry.





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